GCNYC Updates

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GCNYC Updates

Dear Community,

I have been mindful of the ways the virus has highlighted what is most important to us, such as ties to loved ones, and what we most need to address – social justice, climate sustainability, and universal healthcare. It is a propitious time to question our own habits of consumption and to disrupt related assumptions about consumerism and economic growth.

I therefore welcomed this short piece I read that champions ecological macroeconomics. Ecological economists challenge the prevailing notion that economic growth is the only path to prosperity. Instead, they make the case for reining in growth to protect the environment and believe it can be done without harmful recession.

Read about it here: https://www.dw.com/en/climatechange-emissions-fossilfuels-gdp-economy-renewables/a-55089013

GCU Learn/Blackboard

All courses in the fall will be taught utilizing GCU Learn/Blackboard System. Blackboard is a virtual learning environment and learning management system that enables instructors to provide students with course materials, discussion boards, online quizzes, and more. We ask that students log into Blackboard using link below prior to the start of the term.

To access GCU Learn/Blackboard:
  1. Go to https://blackboard.gcal.ac.uk.
  2. Log in with your GCU username and password.
  3. Click “Courses” on the menu.

If you have any questions or concerns, contact Kerri Quinn at Kerri.Quinn@gcu.ac.uk.

GCNYC College Catalog

The 2020-21 GCYNC College Catalog is available to view on our website. Please find a link here. The Catalog informs students about your rights and responsibilities, and college policies critical to students’ success.

Writing Assistance

We are pleased to offer writing assistance for students enrolled in GCNYC courses this term. Students may request individual writing consultations with Christine Farrugia and are eligible for up to 3 hours of tutoring over the course of the term. Topics addressed will vary depending on each student’s needs. Examples of topics covered include:

  • Planning and organizing your writing project
  • Writing strategies
  • Grammar and word usage
  • Writing concisely
  • Citation and attribution of sources
  • The revision process

Please note that the purpose of writing consultations is to provide individualized feedback on your writing project in order to build on your strengths and address any weaknesses in your writing. Proofreading and copy-editing services are not provided.

While this is open to all students, priority will be given to those writing their thesis projects in the fall. To schedule a consultation, email Christine directly at christine.farrugia@gcu.ac.uk.