Verify Enrollment or Degree

A verification certificate provides proof of enrollment or degree completion for a student’s financial lender, insurance company, sponsor, employer etc.

Kindly note:

Enrollment verifications may include the total number of credit hours taken, current and/or past semesters enrolled, and status for current and/or past terms.

Degree verifications may include the program and major for degree(s) completed and date(s) of conferral.

Current Students

Current students may request an enrollment certification certificate either through the online forms available via the GCNYC Student Sharepoint site or by requesting in person at the GCNYC Reception Desk.


Alumni may request an enrollment or degree verification letter by submitting a Verification Request Form to the Office of the Registrar via mail or e-mail, at

Third Parties

Third parties can request enrollment or degree certification by submitting a Verification Request (3rd party) form to the Office of the Registrar via mail or email.  This form should include consent of the former student.