Leave of Absence

Students wishing to withdraw temporarily from the College may apply to the Office of the Registrar for a leave of absence from study for one trimester (which may be extended to a maximum of two trimesters). Students applying for a leave of absence should be in good academic, social, and financial standing. Approved leaves of absence provide students with the right to return to the College and to register for a future trimester without applying for readmission.

Leave of Absence must be applied for and approved by the Registrar in advance of the trimester in which it is to be taken. Students registered for and attending classes are not permitted to apply for a Leave of Absence retroactively. They must withdraw from any courses in which they are enrolled in the usual manner.

Those granted a Leave of Absence for medical reasons may be required to provide confirmation from their health-care provider that they are medically fit to resume their studies. Students who do not return from a Leave of Absence within one calendar year must apply for re-admission. If they are re-admitted, they will be governed by the degree requirements in effect at the time of re-admission.

Please consult with your Dean as soon as possible if you are considering taking a leave of absence. After this, should you wish to proceed, please complete the relevant form available via the GCNYC Student Sharepoint site.