NYC Face Mask Initiative led by Nancy Rhodes

NYC Face Mask Initiative led by Nancy Rhodes

Nancy Rhodes’ time as a student at GCNYC is almost complete. However, her work outside the classroom has just begun. The highly successful footwear designer of over 15 years has taken her talents to help those in need, during these current times of the COVID-19 pandemic. While simultaneously completing her dissertation and working full time, Nancy has been one of the designers at the helm of the New York City Face Mask Initiative (NYCFMI), by way of her startup alternew. NYCFMI is producing masks at mass speed, to distribute to our healthcare workers in hospitals all around NYC and surrounding areas. In a noble and immediate response to the coronavirus, Nancy and her team leapt into action by recruiting hundreds of volunteers to make this initiative possible.

Her work was featured last week in an article published by The New York Post. Read the article HERE. 

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For more information on Nancy’s company and to learn how you can be a part of NYCFMI head to