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Course : Grade3 (CWA)
Diana Purcell

Diana Purcell

Artist, Designer, and Sustainability Advocate

About Diana Purcell

Diana Purcell is a current student at GCNYC in the International Fashion Marketing Program. She first discovered GCNYC when she was invited through Eileen Fisher to listen in on guest lecturer Helen Crowley (Head of Sustainable Sourcing Innovation at Kering). “Everyone here [at GCNYC] was casually brilliant and also trying to save the world,” Purcell told us. She knew from that masterclass that she wanted to be a part of the GCNYC community.

When asked why she wanted to pursue a Master’s at this point in her career, Diana said that after 12 years in the fashion industry she was still in her learning phase and wanted to get her hands dirty, digging in to the areas of the fashion industry that are often out of sight and out of mind.

We asked Diana what drove her get out of bed every morning – or in other words, “what’s your purpose?” – she answered simply and perfectly, “The status quo. The fact that there are people out there that think we can’t do any better than we’re doing right now.” She’s here to prove those people wrong: build things, gather knowledge and then give them away.

Earlier this year, Diana ventured out of the brand world and started her own business, leading sustainability consulting for fashion start-ups. You can read all about her new ventures on her website, here.

In addition to her consulting business, Diana recently co-founded a sustainability book club with Megan Meiklejohn, the head of Sustainable Materials and Transparency Manager at Eileen Fisher. They are still in the early stages but growing rapidly and excited to gain new members. Be sure to get in touch via her website if you are interested in joining!

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