Disability Services

Disability Support Services

At Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC), we’re dedicated to making sure every one of our students has the resources they need to succeed. Our GCNYC Office of Disability Services (ODS) ensures that students with disabilities have equal access to GCNYC programs and facilities.

Requesting Accommodations

To request an accommodation for a qualifying impairment or condition, a student must self-identify and register with the ODS for GCNYC.

Because some accommodations will take time to arrange, we urge students with disabilities to contact the ODS as soon as possible after you are admitted to GCNYC. All information and documentation you provide in support of a request will remain confidential, and individually identifiable information will not be disclosed except as may be required or permitted by law or pursuant to a release signed by the student.

To request accommodations or for more information, please be in touch with our Disability Services Coordinator at Michael.Cohen@gcu.ac.uk