Speaker Series and Events

The Center for Social Impact and Innovation at GCNYC Presents its Spring 2021 Event Series

Social Documentarian Dr. Ann Feldman

WHEN: Wednesday, April 21st at 6 PM EDT

WHAT: GCNYC is pleased to be collaborating with social documentarian, Dr. Ann Feldman, in bringing consciousness about the global water crisis to the GCNYC community in Trimester C with a kick-off event April 21 at 6pm.

Between 2007 and 2013, Dr. Feldman helped build a partnership between a desert community in Rajasthan, India, their water center and her students and faculty at Northwestern University (which sits on the shores of Lake Michigan). Through the power of media, she brought together stakeholders from government, NGOs, academia, corporations (including PepsiCo & former Head of Sustainability Dan Bena, now a GCNYC Trustee). The result was the Water Pressures documentary and educational outreach. Dr. Feldman brings that project to GCNYC through her book Building Communities of Trust: Lessons from Arts & Media with Social Impact, accompanying case studies and documentary video clips. Her goal is to test market the Water Pressures book chapter, case studies and video with students and faculty at GCNYC and gain valuable feedback for future educational outreach.

Meeting ID: 936 3375 7541
Passcode: 259567