Accreditation Status

On June 21, 2018, the Commissioners of the Middle States Commission on Higher Education voted to accept the Accreditation Readiness Report and to grant Candidate for Accreditation status to Glasgow Caledonian New York College.  

GCNYC received its Charter and Degree Granting Authority from the New York State Board of Regents on June 13, 2017.  The College admitted its first cohort in September 2017, and the first commencement ceremony was held in December 2018.  To receive our candidacy status in the first year is a great honor.

GCNYC Provost, Robert Clougherty: “This is a great milestone for us, but really indicates a continuation of our efforts to generate an ongoing learning experience for our students.  We are honored by our membership with the Commission.  As a Learning Organization, we seek every opportunity to improve and grow, and now we have MSCHE as a guiding partner in that process.”

Director of Assessment Viktoria Popova: “We are very proud of our Candidate for Accreditation status as a validation of the work we have completed; but most importantly, we see it as an immense responsibility of the far-reaching journey ahead.” 

Student Governance Leader, Elizabeth Pulos: “As the active student governance leader here at GCNYC, I am beyond thrilled for the entire community and staff for this achievement. Of course, as a student, I am eager to experience the positive effect that this new status will have for all members of the student body throughout their journeys here.”