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Online Non-Credit Courses in Social Impact and Sustainability

Our non-credit courses at Glasgow Caledonian New York College serve as excellent professional development for those working in the social impact and sustainability space. These social impact courses are designed for business leaders looking to enhance their skill sets or gain an understanding of strategies used to implement social responsibility or sustainability changes in a business setting. Adaptable organizations and entrepreneurs who keep social impact and key stakeholders in mind are well-positioned for success in a competitive global economy. 

Our affordable non-credit courses are perfect for business professionals with a bachelor’s degree and any amount of industry experience. Offered online in a synchronous format, each 6-week course is taught by an industry expert.  Enrolling as a non-degree student provides academic-style professional development without the commitment of completing an entire graduate program. The structure of a non-credit course combined with the faculty expertise creates a professional development opportunity well-suited to advancing your career.


Type of Course

6-Week Non-Credit Courses

Start Date

Sustainable Textiles: Apr. 29 to Jun. 3

Brand Marketing: Power & Responsibility: Apr. 28 to Jun. 2


Bachelor’s degree; participants with a genuine interest in sustainability and social impact

Time Commitment

6:00pm – 8:30pm, online once a week


$500 per course

Years of Experience

Designed for participants with all levels of work experience


Create Sustainable Environments
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Move beyond a “one size fits all” model and consider the sustainable systems and organizations you would like to promote. Our courses equip you with the social impact tools to succeed.

People-First Everything
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Learn how to reach people, not consumers. Learn to not only understand what people need, but also what they deserve.

Global-Minded Approach
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Gain insights on how to critically and strategically analyze challenges in the context of the global marketplace as well as worldwide social impact.

Induce Critical Thinking
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Approach problem solving by examining case studies and real-life scenarios that push you to ask the right, and often difficult, questions.

Effective Future Leaders
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Gain insights on developing comprehensive strategies that are results-oriented and consider risk, sustainability and social impact.

Build Resilience
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Learn to apply a range of analytical tools and frameworks for assessment and development of a firm’s strategic capability, competencies and competitive position in a variety of global settings. 



List Of Courses

Brand Marketing: Power and Responsibility


Wednesdays 6:00pm to 8:30pm EST from April 28 to June 2

Course Description:

Marketing is strongly influenced by cultural movements. The current, dominating conversation across every channel of culture is sustainability and marketers are constantly “exploiting” this phenomenon, engaging in green washing and “woke washing” through campaigns and activations. Given that, the marketplace is in need of a new framework that evaluates the authenticity of a marketing initiative.

This course aims to teach how to sustainably market a brand (vs. marketing sustainable brands) using a framework specifically developed to test the level of sustainability of any given marketing initiative. In the course, participants will analyze and discuss the integrity of current and past communication campaigns, and be challenged to think and ask questions to ensure marketing is not only profit oriented but also ethical.


Prasan Kumar – Marketing Strategist at Ogilvy

Prasan is a Strategy and Marketing expert with over 15 years of experience across B2B and B2C industries, bringing data-driven thinking to all. An enthusiastic business management professional, he has led communications development for several Fortune 500 companies, managed deployment of multimillion dollar global technology infrastructure and led the launch of a retail e-commerce business. His past experiences include working at Ogilvy, in Management Consulting and at an Investment Bank.  A creative at heart, he is also the author of a children’s book. He holds an MBA from Columbia Business School, another masters from Stevens Institute of Technology and a bachelors from Rutgers University.
Sustainable Textiles


Thursdays 6:00pm to 8:30pm EST from April 29 to June 3

Course Description:

The course is an overview of the textile industry’s processing system from fiber, yarn, fabric, dyeing, finishing and its complexity affecting its relationship to fashion and sustainability.

Learn about the environmental and social impact caused by the use of chemicals and scarce resources utilized by the industry, and the drive towards implementing sustainable alternatives. This course will cover the development of best practices in the production processes and textile innovations as possible solutions to these problems. We will look into sustainable initiatives in recycling, upcycling, and consumer care of products. We will also discuss sustainability certification programs, proper use of industry terminology, and ethical considerations such as fair trade and worker assessment.


Lorenza Wong – Textile Consultant & Adjunct Professor of Textiles at FIT & Parsons School of Design

Lorenza Wong is a textile consultant and an adjunct professor of Textiles at Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons School of Design – The New School. Lorenza is known to be a highly creative and technical textile innovator with a passion for sustainable textiles. With more than 30 years of industry experience and achievements as a fashion and apparel executive with expertise in global raw material sourcing, fabric research and development, textile innovation, and driving product lifecycle management. Lorenza is dedicated to creating availability and accessibility of local natural raw materials through regenerative farming. In her various positions as the Vice President of Raw Materials and Operations for both Ralph Lauren Childrenswear and Raw Materials Procurement for the Ralph Lauren brand, Lorenza was accountable for all raw materials sourcing managing fabric qualities across divisions, supply chain efficiencies, lead time reduction, and cost of goods reductions, while optimizing overall purchasing strength of the company. Lorenza holds a MS in Textile Science from Cornell University, MS in International Fashion Marketing with a focus on sustainability from GCNYC and a BS in Textile Design from Philadelphia College of Textiles and Science.

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