International Fashion Marketing

Master the sustainable business of fashion, using integrated marketing to deliver systemic change and profitable sustainability.

As a student GCNYC’s research-based MS in International Fashion Marketing program, you will learn to view the industry through the lens of profitability and sustainability, using integrated fashion marketing and strategy as a force for good.

The industry needs new leaders who can thrive on the challenges of globalization, new technologies and increasing demands for the industry to make a more positive impact on the environment and society. This program is designed for individuals who want to take an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral approach to transforming the fashion industry from the inside out.

See below for information on our course curriculum for this program, and visit our admissions page for information on how to apply.

Program Learning Outcomes
  • Students will critically examine the implications for businesses of recent and future changes in the global business environment by applying a range of analytical tools and frameworks for assessment and development of a firm’s strategic capability, competences and competitive position in a variety of global settings.


  • Students will critically appraise the causes and consequences of shifting contours of global politics, economics, and social developments, and their implications for organizational leadership and responsible management.


  • Students will identify and evaluate organizational factors affecting leadership, including structure, culture and sources of power, enabling them to devise a strategic leadership-development plan.


  • Students will demonstrate an advanced conceptual and practical understanding of the key decisions related to successfully building strategic communications strategies through planning and implementing global integrated marketing frameworks and processes.


  • Students will synthesize a range of specialized concepts, principles and models and apply these to the development of a digital brand portfolio, appropriate to the market sector and global brand concept.


  • Students will demonstrate an in-depth and practical understanding of the strategic factors necessary to shift an existing business for or develop a new business with holistic impact considerations throughout its value chain.


  • Students will critically evaluate literature and select and utilize appropriate qualitative and quantitative methodologies in the formulation of research.


  • Building upon a previous developed proposal, students will conduct empirical research, present an intellectually robust and evidence-based analysis, and develop appropriate recommendations


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Frequently Asked Questions

What modalities of learning are available for this program?

All courses are offered in the evenings and can be taken either at our SoHo Manhattan location in-person, or online, depending on your needs as a working professional.

In-Person (Face-to Face)

In-person or face-to-face teaching takes place between 6:00pm and 8:30pm during weekdays (Monday through Thursday). These synchronous, interactive courses allow students to be physically present on-campus and engage with peers and faculty in a real-time format.


Online offerings are designed by the same renowned faculty members who create our robust and interactive in-person programs. GCNYC makes it possible for students to pursue their academic aspirations regardless of location.

Generally speaking, students meet virtually for live 1.5 hour sessions (once or twice a week depending on the number of courses taken per trimester), accompanied by asynchronous work outside the virtual classroom.

What is the structure of the program for part-time and full-time students?

The program can be completed on a part-time or full-time basis. All classes take place in the evenings between 6:00pm and 9:30pm to cater GCNYC’s working professional population. More details can be found below:

Part-time: students complete the program in a 16 month timeframe by taking one or two classes per week.

Full-time: students complete the program in a 12 month timeframe by taking three classes per week (note: international students must be full-time on an F-1 student visa).

Who is this degree for?

This degree is catered to individuals in the fashion or marketing space who are looking to actualize their potential as the fashion industry shifts towards one that is increasingly conscious of demands for sustainable business practices from all stakeholders.

Do I need a Bachelor's degree to apply?

Completion of a Bachelor’s degree is a pre-requisite to apply. Some examples of the most common undergraduate fields of study are:

  • Marketing
  • Communications
  • Fashion Studies
  • Fashion Merchandising
  • Fashion Marketing
  • Economics
  • Business Administration
  • Media & Advertising
What career opportunities does the program prepare me for?

Some examples of the most common (but not limited to) opportunities are:

  • Fashion Marketing
  • Fashion Strategy
  • Sustainable Fashion Marketing
  • Sustainable Fashion Strategy
  • Sustainability Marketing & Branding

Program Courses

Values Based Leadership Skills for an Interconnected World

This course will enable students to identify, understand, develop and articulate their key personal abilities in the context of their future career aspirations. The development of their academic and professional skill set is essential to securing and/or developing fulfilling careers as expert managers and leaders in increasingly diverse and international workplace organizations.

Navigating Global Change: Business Practices for the Common Good

This course reflects the fact that organizations do not operate in a vacuum: they are both shaped by and themselves also shape the geo-political, economic, social and technological environments in which they operate. Understanding the interaction between organizations and their wider contexts is essential to effective management and responsible leadership. This course is designed to equip students with the information and analytical skills required to critically reflect upon some of the most significant issues which pose challenges to business managers and organizational leaders in the modern world.

Business Strategy as an Instrument for Economic, Social and Environmental Sustainability

This course aims to provide students with academic knowledge and analytical tools with which to discuss and practice strategic management in a world characterized by rapid change and increasing concerns for economic, social and environmental sustainability. The course seeks to address the who, what, why, where and how of strategic decisions, with an emphasis on generating sustainable growth across national boundaries. Students will develop the knowledge and skills required to undertake the necessary research and analysis to advise a firm on the issues that organizations face, and the choices they must make, to develop strategies for sustainable growth.

Consumer Led Fashion Marketing

This course is designed to provide an in-depth and critical understanding of consumer-led marketing practices. Students are introduced to the concept of customer insight and its role in marketing decision making. A range of models of consumer behavior, including consumer value, are examined in the context of strategic decision making and relationship building. The course evaluates the social, economic and psychological roots of the discipline and relates these to contemporary consumers and consumption, while also addressing the issues of technology, sustainability and consumption from a global perspective.

Digital Fashion Branding and Delivery

The course explores the role of technology and the creative process in the development of brands. Focusing on the emergence and growth of virtual realities and e-communications, students will examine how the creation and delivery of a new brand concept through creative technologies represents a transformational shift in the entrepreneurship, commerce and professional practice of the contemporary marketer. Over the course of the trimester, students will engage with a number of theoretical concepts as well as current technologies that will challenge and enhance their critical and creative competencies as well as professional skill sets.

Sustainable Fashion Business Strategy

Building a new sustainably-focused fashion business, or shifting an existing business not currently managing sustainability considerations, requires a specific set of skills, considering all needs of the business from supply chain to marketing messaging. As the world changes and demands a new paradigm for operating a business – eschewing the former singular goal of profit for shareholders and replacing that with the need to serve a wide range of stakeholders – a new knowledge base, a greater flexibility and an entirely different skill set is required to succeed. Success under such a paradigm is not just doing better than before but actively doing good.

This course covers the range of considerations specific to operating with a common good lens but general to every fashion business, focusing on product creation including designing for reduced impact, material sourcing for sustainability and ethics, supply chain considerations, tools and metrics by which to manage sustainability/ethics/impact in your business, brand voice and impact messaging, circular economy considerations, risk management, positive impact opportunities, best business structures for positive impact, and shifting stakeholder perspectives. Through readings, lectures, class discussion, guest speakers, and development of a sustainability focused business outline students will develop the toolset needed to function at any level of a business – from independent contributor to CEO – to support positive impact.

Research Methods

This course aims to develop advanced skills related to a range of contemporary research methods needed for academic and practical research at a Master’s level. Students should be able to critically evaluate new concepts, ideas and evidence from a range of sources and crucially and transfer their skills into practice. Emphasis is placed on written and oral presentation skills at an advanced management level.


The aim of this course is to conduct business research/consultancy and report on the findings. Drawing on the proposal developed in Research Methods, the course focuses on the business research project, which involves an investigation of a substantial business issue or problem. Students are required to demonstrate critical awareness of business practice, relevant theories and research techniques and approaches. The project element of the course in particular offers students the opportunity to apply course concept, theories and techniques, draw on internationally published literature and good practice, and develop and interpret knowledge about management practice in their area of study.

Student Experience at GCNYC

The Master’s in International Fashion Marketing takes advantage of GCNYC’s global ties and New York location. Our close-knit academic community is made up of a diverse group of highly motivated, creative change-makers from all over the world. GCNYC builds on the long-standing reputation of GCU while opening up new possibilities for international collaboration and innovation.

Your experience at GCNYC will be both challenging and exciting. We will work together, learning from and challenging each other. You will take core courses with students from all of our business programs, giving you the chance to learn from vastly different perspectives and make connections across industries.

Small Classes

Small class sizes ensure meaningful interactions with professors and guest speakers. You will be making real connections while you learn from people who can straddle academic theory and real-world experience, and who refuse to compromise between career success and the common good.

Research-Led Teaching

Glasgow Caledonian has over a century of close ties to industry, and excellence in applied research is one of the university’s most important guiding principles. GCNYC takes this tradition to NYC, helping you connect your actual and future work challenges to new knowledge and insights from the global academic community. But you will not just learn about research through lectures, you will have the autonomy, time and support to ask important questions with your own independent research.

Completing a dissertation will demonstrate to your employers that you have what it takes to tackle the issues most important in international fashion marketing with real academic rigor and to propose solutions that emphasize sustainability as well as profitability.

Campus Location

Located in the heart of SoHo, the luxury and ready-to-wear fashion hub of New York City, GCNYC’s campus is nestled in the cobble-stoned streets of art and design on every corner. You will attend lectures and seminars in a picturesque, loft-like studio space that transforms itself for every occasion. With high ceilings, crisp white walls and an open floor plan – it will be hard to tell if you’re headed to class or the latest gallery opening. Minutes from most major subway lines, GCNYC is easily accessible from any of New York’s unique neighborhoods. GCYNYC will provide you with a degree, but New York City will serve as an unlimited resource to your education.

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