GCU Research

As the top modern university for research power in Scotland, Glasgow Caledonian University, the University for the Common Good, is helping to develop sustainable environments, build inclusive societies and support healthy lives. Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC) plays a pivotal role in GCU’s global network of teaching and research, giving students unique access to international thought leaders and stakeholders. Together, we are working with experts in industry to pilot real-world solutions to problems for business – and society.

Our master’s programs emphasize applied research. This provides students with the advanced skills they need to analyze, propose and present solutions to pressing problems – ensuring that their voices are heard across company divisions and functions. This is all the more important as we address the growing demands for transparent and responsible companies that balance profitability and sustainability.

The programs combine classroom learning with applied research, bringing together theory and practice in a final dissertation. This capstone project is often practice-based, investigating a real-life question in the student’s own work environment or another company.

As GCU recognizes the need for academia, finance, business and the non-profit sector to combine forces to redesign society at large, its three research centers exist to operate and serve under the same mission: For the Common Good.

We’re located in three of the world’s great cities – Glasgow, London and New York – providing ample case studies to investigate, as well as incredibly rich resources for research. We also partner with the Caledonian College of Engineering in Oman, the Grameen Healthcare Trust and Grameen Caledonian College of Nursing in Bangladesh, the African Leadership Academy in Mauritius and the University of Johannesburg in South Africa. Our strengths allow us to be global in our ambitions and to offer our collaborators multidisciplinary approaches to inclusive growth of sustainability, well-being and health.

GCU has received international recognition as a center of excellence in education and research, including the European Commission’s HR Excellence in Research Award for our commitment to the career management and skills development of researchers. On completion of their degree, students have access to our research centers, so they can continue working to solve the most pressing issues in business and society today.

Glasgow Caledonian’s Related Research Centers

Fair Fashion Center

Located at GCNYC, the Fair Fashion Center (FFC) facilitates the incorporation of sustainable practices into fashion, proving the business case for sustainability and turning global issues into industry opportunities. Working directly with industry on business challenges in real time, we integrate market-based solutions across our degrees and allow our students hands-on experience with the fashion industry throughout their study.

GCNYC as an institution of higher learning and the FFC as a source of research and entrepreneurship work synergistically to equip current and future leaders with the resources to address a broad range of material business risks. The Quantum Redesign of Fashion driven by the FFC is transforming the industry from the inside out, to be both profitable and sustainable.

Center for Social Business and Health

The Yunus Centre for Social Business and Health is named in honor of Professor Muhammad Yunus, Chancellor of GCU and winner of the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts to advance social and economic opportunities for the poor through work on microcredit. The center is one of the world’s foremost leaders in work that aims to transform the lives of vulnerable communities through pioneering research in the areas of microfinance, social business and health economics.

Center for Climate Justice

The Glasgow Caledonian University Centre for Climate Justice takes a global lead in the delivery of high-quality, policy-relevant research for development, teaching, learning and broadening knowledge in the area of climate justice. At the center’s heart is the Climate Justice Repository, which was created in collaboration with the Mary Robinson Foundation for Climate Justice. The repository is a globally unique knowledge base, which contains a collection of over 1,000 peer-reviewed academic papers in the field of climate justice.