Assessment & Institutional Effectiveness

  • Assessment & Institutional Effectiveness

Glasgow Caledonian New York College (GCNYC) engages in a multifaceted planning and evaluation process to determine the appropriateness of the mission and the extent to which the mission is accomplished.  The planning and evaluation consist of the strategic planning process, the Institutional Effectiveness process and operational planning and analysis. Figure 1 demonstrates the relationship of these components to one another.

GCNYC’s Common Good mission is to work with others in order to contribute to the UN Sustainable Development Goals through problem solving and systems thinking, particularly in relation to profitability and sustainability. As a learning-centered institution, planning and assessment are focused on continuous improvement of student learning outcomes and the administrative and educational services that support student success.

Figure 1: Strategic, Operational, and Institutional Effectiveness Planning and Assessment

The Institutional Effectiveness (IE) process is structured around the use of the Continuous Improvement Cycle Model (Figure 2) and the Institutional Effectiveness reporting forms. The institutional mission and goals provide oversight and guidance to the college and support units of the Institution.  Mission statements for various departments are reviewed to determine congruency with the institutional mission and goals.  Goals are developed to determine intended outcomes for the programs and services provided.  Assessment and reporting of results are accomplished through the use of the Institutional Effectiveness reports.

Figure 2: Continuous Improvement Model

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