Administration and Leadership

Muhammad Yunus

‌Muhammad Yunus
Chancellor Emeritus at Glasgow Caledonian

International anti-poverty campaigner and Nobel Peace Prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus was installed as Chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University in October 2012.

As Chancellor, he provides leadership, advice and support to the University and has pledged his inspirational stewardship in support of GCU’s undertaking to harness its intellectual, social and emotional capital and collaborate with others to find solutions to some of society’s most pressing challenges.

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Principal_190_GCNYCPamela Gillies CBE FRSE
President and Vice-Chancellor, Glasgow Caledonian University

Professor Pamela Gillies CBE, FRSE has been Principal and Vice-Chancellor of Glasgow Caledonian University since 2006.

She is a Founding Member of the Global Advisory Council for the African Leadership University; a Trustee of the Grameen Scotland Foundation which has brought the Grameen model of microfinance to the UK in partnership with Tesco Bank; and the Caledonian College of Engineering which has been operating successfully for over 20 years in Muscat, Oman where 50% of our engineering graduates are women.

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Cara SmythCara Smyth
Vice-President, Glasgow Caledonian New York College and Executive Board Member, Glasgow Caledonian

Cara Smyth leads the team at GC New York College (GCNYC) and is the founding director of the Fair Fashion Center.

An executive GCU board member, Ms Smyth is responsible for establishing the University’s New York campus and embedding its mission “For the Common Good” in all of its programs and initiatives. 

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Bob Clougherty

‌R.J. Clougherty, Jr
Provost, Glasgow Caledonian New York College

Dr Robert Clougherty is the Provost for Glasgow Caledonian New York College.  He has been in that position since January 2014.  Previously he was at SUNY Empire State College where he served as Acting Vice Provost for Research, Innovation, and Open Education after serving as Dean of the Graduate School.

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Maggie KervickMaggie Kervick
Director of Strategy and Integrated Partnerships, Glasgow Caledonian New York College

Maggie Kervick works as the Director of Strategy and Integrated Partnerships at Glasgow Caledonian New York College, helping to oversee research and strategy at the Fair Fashion Center (FFC).

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Jessica Chang-Russell‌
Director of Operations and Student Services; Title IX Coordinator‌

Jessica Chang-Russell is the Director of Student Services and Operations, as well as the GCNYC Title IX Coordinator. She manages all‌ facilities and operations related issues for the school and the Fair Fashion Center, as well as leading all campus safety related policies and Title IX duties.

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Carlos Amador‌‌‌
Director of Development and Admissions‌

Carlos Amador is the Director of Development and Admissions, working to drive revenue growth and collaborative partnerships for the College as expands within the New York City community and beyond.

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Viktoria Popova‌‌‌
‌Director of Assessment and Accreditation‌

Viktoria Popova is the Director of Assessment and Accreditation at Glasgow Caledonian New York College. Her specialty is in Prior Learning Assessment, with an emphasis on assessing workplace and tacit learning through innovative techniques, such as cognitive mapping.

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