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Course : Grade3 (CWA)
Amanda Moretz

Amanda Moretz

Manufacturing and Sustainability Administrator at Theory

About Amanda Moretz

My name is Amanda Moretz, I am the Manufacturing and Sustainability Administrator at Theory. I grew up in a ranch outside of Kerville, TX, but have lived in Brooklyn for ten years now.

Can you give us the highlights of your career thus far?

Before Theory, I worked at Tiffany and Co for 2 years which was incredible, as part of the visual merchandising team who makes those famous windows come to life. I’ve been with Theory now for around 5 years, and it’s been fascinating. Every year my job changes just enough to stay vibrant.

What made you want to pursue a Master’s degree at this point in your career?

I wanted to learn. I didn’t take my undergrad very seriously, and waited quite a long time to start a Master’s program because I wanted to make sure it was a really dynamic and educational experience.

Why GCNYC specifically? Did the mission have an influence on your decision to come here?

One hundred percent. My goal is to be a leader in driving the fashion and textile industry to being less harmful, and I felt like this program and this organization align perfectly with that goal. Plus, I wanted a program where I could go to class on campus and interact with my fellow students. I really lucked out because my cohort is 100% composed of amazing, intelligent, insightful people.

What makes you get out of bed in the morning – driving you to affect change? What’s your purpose?

There’s so much potential right now to create change, and I love that through my daily work and through my studies at GCNYC I’m at the forefront of this change. It’s FUN!

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